Friday, February 10, 2012

all aboard the nathaniel b. palmer!

The research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer came into port at McMurdo Station yesterday! Named after the first American to lay eyes on Antarctica, the Palmer is a combination ice-breaker/research platform that is run by the NSF. It was only in port for one night, but a few lucky townies got to go aboard for a top-to-bottom tour of the ship!

the palmer, docked at the ice pier

our tour guide, an oceanographer who's done several tours on the palmer

the science labs

the galley, which was stocked with tasty-looking chilean treats!

very cramped living quarters... and you thought south pole jamesways were small!

up on the bridge, looking out into the harbor

looking out at beautiful blue water, and whales!

saying goodbye to the ship

Now I just need to get out to Palmer Station to complete the set! Thanks to the crew and scientists of the R/V Palmer for a great tour, and safe journey ahead of you!

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David Pablo Cohn said...

Oh, oh, oh - I *so* want to work that ship!