Tuesday, March 6, 2012

christchurch, briefly

As I previously posted, I decided not to stay the winter at McMurdo after a lot of difficult contemplating. Our flight was supposed to depart Monday afternoon, but bad weather forced the flight to turn around (we call it a "boomerang", for obvious reasons), and we didn't fly then. Today we awoke to a three hour weather delay right off the bat... which had all of us assuming that we weren't going to fly today, either. But the weather turned beautiful this evening, and the last plane of the summer season landed shortly after 5 PM to take myself and about 45 other non-winterovers away.

I'm currently in Christchurch, and will depart tomorrow morning (or, rather, this morning, as it's already 1 AM) for Auckland, and then I'll be on to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I wish everyone in McMurdo the best this winter, and know that I'm missing you and love you all so much. If all goes according to plans, I'll be back on the Ice in August!

But for now, off on other adventures! San Francisco, maybe NYC, and perhaps a job in Alaska waiting for me on the flip side!!

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