Thursday, March 29, 2012

still kicking

Oh look, I have a blog! I keep thinking that I should only post here when something interesting happens to me, but I'm not sure how to quantify "interesting", so I just don't post unless I'm doing something especially amazing (like living in Antarctica).

I've been living in Palo Alto, CA, just south of San Francisco, for almost a month now. Since leaving McMurdo, I've had a lot of time to think, and it's made me realize that I made the right decision, and that there are other adventures ahead of me until the day when I can finally return to my home at the bottom of the world.

Next week I'll embark on the first of these adventures, a two week trip to New York City (where I've been many times and love very much) and Washington D.C. (which will be a brand new place for me to explore!).

port of san francisco

oakland bridge


at the san francisco ballet


Lilith said...

My mother lived in Arlington for a while, and I had another friend in Alexandria, so I used to visit a lot.

I particularly love the new (ish) Roosevelt Memorial - the layout is very interesting and they use water sounds to great effect

David Pablo Cohn said...

Beautiful, beautiful self-portrait! (except that you look so sad..., which I know is part of what makes it so artistically gorgeous, but stilll...)

Michelle said...

Emma, I don't know that I'll have a chance to get out of the city... I'm staying at a hostel downtown, and probably won't try to navigate transit too much. I am possibly meeting up with Michael from AI though!

Thank you Pablo! For some reason, I always look sad in self-portraits. I'm not sure if this is because I can't smile and focus on taking the picture at the same time (multi-tasking is hard!) or if I just forget to smile unless some says "say cheese!".