Thursday, April 26, 2012

road trip: california, north to south

Road trips are magical; somewhere in between the changing scenery, radio stations fading into static, and the open road stretched before you, there's a point where you realize that this is the way to travel. None of the stress of flying, cramped in a tin can. No, if you have the time and the tunes, the highway is the only way get from point A to point B.

I rented a car last week and drove from Palo Alto, down the California coast to San Diego, with a stop in LA for the LA Times Festival of Books. Round trip, it was just under 1,000 miles.

highway 101 as the sun sets

the la times festival of books

desert landscape north of la on i-5

The trip spanned only a few days, but it was a chance to visit friends who I haven't seen in two years (one of whom was graduating from law school, congrats Hannah!).

And then there was the LA Times Festival of Books, a two-day literary celebration with authors, booksellers, and readers of all ages. I was fortunate enough to see some really amazing panels with some really brilliant authors, including Lev Grossman, Anne Rice, and John Scalzi. As someone who considers reading a valid lifestyle, this was a 'can't-miss' festival!

It was also a good test for an upcoming road trip: in just under a month, I'll commence another adventure. This time, I'll be working on a ranch in southern Wyoming for four months! I'll drive from Texas (where my car is stored) to the ranch, a trip of about 20 hours-- to be spread over two days, thank goodness!

(my phone was wiped halfway through this trip, so I unfortunately lost a few pictures... you'll just have to take my word on it, the trip was beautiful!)

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